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MATA is an International database of professional Models, Actors & Talents around the globe. MATA is located in Malaysia. Our headquarter is located in Kuala Lumpur. We have a strong focus on International High Fashion, high performances and beauty. Our mission is connecting beautiful and professional Models, Actors & Talents to casting agencies accross the globe, and create opportunities for agencies and independent talents worldwide to build a personal and long-term working relationship.

We have been successfully scouting, casting and managing talents from all age ranges and all ethnicities for Malaysian and international productions and events since 2010. Now we are taking our Agency to a higher level, as we will present our pool of talents, 24/7, through MATA, to ease the struggle of casting directors, production managers, directors and producers in their search for the right characters.

CASTING is the most challenging department of any production and RACCOON PICTURES SDN BHD is determined to facilitate your needs. Sign up as a Client for more understanding on our casting process or CONTACT US for more information.

Bio-founder Geoff Andre Feyaerts 

In 2003, he graduated in Performing Arts, and won the first prize for best Short film by young Belgian filmmakers, before taking a gap year to Malaysia, where he, like many, fell in love.
One year later, he returned to Belgium to further his studies in Film Technology, when he, like many, dropped out to work for a living.
In 2007, he returned to Malaysia, where he began his acting career and since then has acted in countless of local and international theaters, musicals, TV-movies, TV-series, feature films and commercials.
In 2010, he decided to use his social skills of networking and his professional experience to promote other talented individuals and get them casted. Strongly supported by his soulmate, Nabyla Feyaerts, he started a modest Talent Agency (Fretwork Productions) and supplied countless of local and international productions with talents from around the world.
In 2014, they started a new company, Universal Brotherhood Pictures, which proudly presents this website to the world.

Are you looking for a Model with High standards? Look no further! MATA is the place to be.

Bio-founder Philipp Bacher 

Philipp has a faible for media productions and mingles among advertisers, producers, actors, artists and models.
His background as consultant in international affairs and special operations links global players world wide.
He facilitates overall communication and business development.


Bio-founder Nabyla Feyaerts 

Notable achievements:
Casting Director/ Talent Manager :
Kanang Anak Langkau – The Iban Warrior (feature film)
Hanyut – Almayer’s Folly (feature film)
Aki Nabalu (feature film)
Lost in the Pacific (feature film)
Napoleon Hill The Musical (theater/musical)
and many more…
First Office P.A. for the reality show, Amazing Race 2013 in Malaysia (USA)
Production Manager of the travelogue, Semporna Di Kaki Langit 2013 (RTM)
Third Assistant Director of the reality show, Koh Lanta 2014 (TF1)

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