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Ready to get discovered? Then you’re in the right place!

First and foremost: you don’t need any previous experience or a portfolio of expensive professional headshots to apply. Just don’t be shy. It’s time to introduce yourself to the world!

As you complete your application, remember you’re trying to make an impression on someone who has never met you. Use this platform to show us who you are and what you look like at your most natural.
Your best bet is to grab your parent, sibling, or best friend – the person you trust most to snap your pictures and casting video on their smart phone camera – and start having fun.

Below here are some guidelines, so be sure to read all the instructions thoroughly. If you have a professional photographer on hand who is experienced with model shootings, than this page shouldn’t be necessary.


Unless you are a student of photo-/cinematography, we suggest you shoot your photos outdoor in natural daylight, but not direct sunlight. Avoid messy backgrounds. Plain white or grey walls are always the best.

Another less adventurous option is an indoor location with a nice plain wall (white is safest) and good clear light, again make sure to avoid items of distraction and beware of shadows.

This is a digital age, so don’t worry about printing costs. Take as many photos possible, so you can select the best, the most sharp and the most spontaneous moments.

Remember, Clients prefer to see you in your natural form,… so no makeup, wear your hair down, and no sunglasses or hats.

Please do not crop or photoshop your photos.

Let’s shoot!

Now that we have your photos, we’d like to get to know your personality and see how you walk and talk.

You should be fresh-faced, with no makeup and clean hair worn down. You’re not walking the runway; a simple outfit will do. Skinny jeans and a sleeveless, plain colored top for girls; form-fitting jeans and a solid t-shirt for guys. Be casual, but smart.

1) Tell us your name, age, height, where you’re from and a little bit about your favorite activities. Finally explain in two or three sentences, the drive behind your passion. (Chest-up shot)

2) Smile naturally and turn to your body and face to your left for a profile shot, then look at the camera and smile. Turn your body and face back to the camera. Turn your body and face to your right for another profile shot, then look at the camera and smile. Turn your body and face to the wall, for your back shot. Then turn your face to your right, for a back profile shot. Turn around slowly back to the camera and smile. (Full body shot)

The next phase of your MATA Audition Video, will proof the level of your acting skills. Don’t rush it… take your time… we can always edit it. We need you to express some basic emotions. Before being able to express them, you need to feel them. So imagine the extreme that could make you really happy or really sad, or real mad… See the extreme happening with your third eye, focus on this and become that emotion. You can use your voice, in your own language, and your body language of course is most important; but be aware not to cover your face with your hands, unless intentionally and then no longer than 1-2 seconds. Do NOT look into the camera!

3) Give some HAPPY expressions. First a little smile, then show your teeth with a big smile. Then laugh, first soft but then, as if the joke hits its climax, laugh at your best. Don’t rush it… let it flow.

Give some SAD expressions. Your face will frown; no one wants to be seen like this, but now you are acting… you become really sad… then let it take over… don’t rush it… feel the tears watering in your eyes and cry. First softly… Then let it go, cry like you never cried before.

Give some ANGRY expressions. Imagine that what makes you so unforgivably mad and see it happening behind the camera. Hold your position. Your face will first turn mad. Bash out, in your own language, naturally, say what’s on your mind! Your voice won’t be plain, but full of untested anger, someone has hit the limit and ignored your warnings or all moral values and you just can’t take it anymore. But hold your position.

SURPRISE! Now imagine you hear a gunshot. Freeze at your position. You may be surrounded. Let FEAR take over your body and mind, as you look around you. You are CONFUSED. What’s happening? Then you see something, behind the camera… your fear and confusion, slowly fade away as you recognize some faces. Imagine your best friends walk up to you and stop behind the camera with a big birthday cake. You got pranked! So smile and release…

If you can edit it yourself, that would be most helpful, but do not put any text on it.

You can always make a new and even better audition video, but don’t worry cos you will surely feel it’s not good enough. Every actor, even the seasoned and experienced, are never satisfied with their acting, they always feel they could do it better. So listen to your director or camera(wo)man, and let your best friend look at it and if they say OK… then that’s good. If they say, that’s not OK then get their advice and re-do it before sending it to us.

EMAIL your audition video and any other videos related to your skills, which you’d like to showcase to clients (acting teasers/music-video/ dance-video/ martial art video) to We will review and upload to your profile page. Only you and prospective Clients will be able to see your videos.

Let’s get started and who knows where in the world you’ll end up acting the role of your dreams!